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Better Knowledge Management for the Knowledge Worker

How many of you spend lots of time wading through the wikis, blogs and content in your organization trying to find a relevant place to deliver your new big idea?  A more likely scenario is that you add to the Collaboration-SPAM by creating a new wiki, blog or heaven’s no – an e-mail!  An even bigger problem is, whom should you target with your new big idea?  Your typical Knowledge Management (KM) solutions is no different that this blog.  What if, I could target the members of this blog who can help me to collaborate and benefit from this post and notify them instantly that I need their input.  In a public blog this is not practical “yet”, but why not within the systems of my organization?

Many Knowledge Worker’s (KW) are unable to effectively collaborate and contribute to the strategic goals and mission of their organization.  Knowledge Management (KM) systems provide tools to find content and collaborate however many lack the tools a KW needs to know what to contribute to their organizations.  Communicating the goals that drive innovation to everyone is a daunting task for most organizations.  Even when the goals are made known to each employee, they often lack the innovation skills.

KM solutions must provide a “Knowledge Radar” (KR)  dashboard to help employees hone in on the information needed by the organization to accomplish its goals. WSN Insight is a KM solution for SharePoint that pushes the relevant collaboration requests (a.k.a conversations) and content for each employee to their customized KR dashboard.  The dashboard contains many conversation KPIs to help prioritize matters.  The solution also has the ability to find the members of the organization that can contribute to the conversation based on various attributes (skills, projects, experience, customers, etc.) of each employee.  This solves some of the biggest hurdles we face with many KM solutions.

Since it’s never all about technology, employees in turn need to hone their innovation skills (I-Skills).  I-Skills help employees to “unleash the mindset, skill-set and tool-set of an innovator”.  These I-Skills enable you to anticipate and rise to the challenge your organization faces in a hyper-competitive era.  Robert B. Tucker eloquently makes the case for I-Skills in his book “Innovation is Everybody’s Business“.


2 responses to “Better Knowledge Management for the Knowledge Worker

  1. Suresh D Nair February 16, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    A great posting…

    Though I agree that most of the KWs are not able to collaborate and contribute effectively that align to the organisation’s vision and mission, I feel its the system which is to be blamed. Usually the most weakest of the employees is given the assignment of KM implementation – this itself shows what’s the priority that the organisation gives to this task … How many of the top management gets involved in this effort – they limit their contribution to the max “a lip service here and there”. Buy-in has to come not only from the top management – but also from other stakeholders. Knowledge for any organisation, I feel is the collective understanding/ learnings that the organisation has..

    Its not that organisations are without any KM system – they do have, but it exists with some other nomenclature or its just not adequate for the present day situation – but we do fail to understand the importance and that’s the crux. … we talk more and do little.

    • WSN Chief February 20, 2011 at 6:35 pm

      Thank you for supporting my views on the issue of better KM for the KW.

      You have also raised another great issue that needs to be addressed by many organizations seeking and/or using KM systems. We have certainly seen quite a bit of what you described in your comment. With that said, you have inspired me to try to get more attention on this issue from other thought leaders and analyst covering KM in the enterprise. Please follow the efforts to get you some answers; here or on Twitter @wsnchief.

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